Lambda p9

The Lambda P9 is a shared services system capable of producing excellent cardiac echo and general ultrasound images. With a highly adaptable ergonomic cart, the P9 delivers the same capability and versatility as a cart based system with many advanced imaging features to maximize utility and productivity while maintaining excellent value and return on investment.

Intuitive Buttons and Workflow P9 features QuadForm™ beam forming technology. QuadForm allows multiple receive beams to be created from a single ultrasound transmission pulse. Rather than using redundant hardware solutions to achieve this, Whale uses advanced software algorithms, providing improved frame rates, and better image quality.

Whale’s proprietary HD Doppler provides excellent color range and sensitivity without compromising frame rate. Other Advanced imaging features such as tissue harmonics, compound imaging, contrast enhancement and speckle reduction help to ensure image quality is crisp, clear and optimized.

The Lambda P9 is designed to maximize workflow, with logically arrayed hard and soft keys. A one button onboard Help function allows you to easily get additional information and guidance when you need it and iTouch automatically optimizes the image while you scan, providing you with seamless and efficient control of the system.

Whale’s unique TipViz™ needle visualization enhancement algorithms help guide easier and more confident site placement. Pain injections or stem cell administration are localized more effectively with good resolution and clear visualization of the needle tip.

The ergonomic multi-probe port cart allows probes to be easily switched where required and height is easily and quickly user adjusted. Long battery life allows the system to be moved easily around rooms, ward and OR.

Excellent quality, reliability and support are combined to provide you with superior value compared to any other major manufacturer. Whale Imaging can do this because we have decades of experience in ultrasound design and manufacture.