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Edge technology

Forest Imaging is an Authorized Distributor for: Protech Radiation Safety Products, Image Diagnostics, Inc. and Medicaptureing. Currently, we offer the G-Arm B6 Duo and the GXi 2.

The G-Arm is designed to improve user confidence and patient outcomes in areas such as orthopedics, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, trauma, and pain management. Providing unprecedented capability and control, G-Arm aims to improve your surgical experience.

The G-Arm model GXi 2 has all the benefits of GXi 1 but additionally has large tracking wheels of extra maneuverability and dual laser aiming devices for easier procedural setup. GXi 2 is also available with the full suite of GXi Advantage feature options of biplanar view, X-Beam and iC-Clear.

With G-Arm GXi 2 the surgeon no longer has the challenge of shifting between AP and lateral views and can confidently perform the procedure more accurately and in less time than ever before.


G-arm Capabilities

  • G-arm MultiScan G-arm System’s biplanar capability provides you with unprecedented capability and control.
  • X-Beam Live twin simultaneous view up to 25 frames per second on each monitor gives you optimized speed and accuracy.
  • iC-Clear Real time image processing allows you exceptional image clarity and procedural confidence.

"The G-Arm is easy to use and gives you two plane X-Rays at the same time. Improves accuracy and efficiency."

— Dr Hussein Abdulhadi, MD

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